​Available Sizes

Standard Air-Flow Film:  17" - Pre-stretched - 1000, 3000, 8400 ft.

Premium Air-Flow Film:  19" - Can be stretched 250% - 3300 ft.


  • Air-Flow allows products to cool evenly and remain the same temperature throughout the pallet.
  • Air-Flow permits condensation to leave the pallet, thus protecting the packaged goods and other packaging materials.
  • Maintain freshness and preservation of produce and food products.  Regular stretch films block cool air from entering the pallet and keeps the humidity from escaping.  Air-Flow provides balanced aeration.
  • Air-Flow does not have a flash freeze breaking point.
  • Can be used on conventional stretch wrapper machines.
  • Unlike netting, Air-Flow is forklift friendly.  It does not tangle in the forklift wheels and it dispenses freely.  Air-Flow does not fray or tangle in the rollers.

air-flow pallet wrap

Air-Flow pallet wrap is a premium quality stretch film designed to provide maximum ventilation. It can be stretched up to 250% using existing pre-stretch equipment.  This wrap combines the advantages of stretch netting with the performance of LLDPE pallet wrap.  Air-Flow is offered in both standard and premium formats and is available in machine length and hand wrap rolls for manual application.