banding film & jumbo rolls for

​Available Sizes

Stocked sizes are 3 & 5 inch width and either 1000 or 1500 feet long.

​Larger widths and lengths are also available to run on various machines used to band product together.


  • Banding film is effective in combining boxes or individual items for small parcel delivery.
  • Banding film will not damage the surface of an item - it works similar to tape, but there are no issues with glue residue or surface damage on the product being wrapped.
  • Free tension control dispenser in every case.

automatic banding equipment

Banding film is a hand film that comes in narrow widths that are typically used for applications where the product being wrapped is not on a skid.  It can be used to secure small orders such as several boxes to ship together, but can be used in many other applications such as: furniture packaging, in the moving industry or combining single units of a product together off a manufacturing line.

​Coreless banding film is available and there is also a pre-stretched version as well as colour options.