Available Sizes

Hand Film:  15 & 18" - 80 gauge

Extended Core:  20" - 80 gauge

Machine Film:  20" & 30" - 80 gauge

Banding Film:  3" & 5" - 80 gauge ​


  • Prevents pilferage
  • Deters tampering
  • Provides protection from sun damage
  • Increases ease of pallet identification
  • Prevents unwanted reloading and cross-docking
  • Enable better product coding and dating
  • Improved load appearance 

coloured films / hand wrap

Coloured stretch film / hand wrap is a great alternative for load containment and it offers some unique and effective value added benefits that give it a leg up on conventional clear films.  Available in both opaque (Identi-film) and tinted (Securi-wrap) coloured formats and is offered in machine, hand and banding film roll formats.

Colours:  Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black and White (other colours are also available)