The available sizes include 5" & 6" with 4​000' length.  4" x 3900' regular seedling wrap is also available (skid quantities only).

Forest Guard Seedling Wrap is available in biodegradable, regular and heavy gauge formulas and is available in either bulk or boxed.


  • These films are designed for fast and efficient wrapping of seedlings at the nursery.
  • The film will work well on the bare root applications where moisture and keeping the soil on the roots are important requirements.
  • The biodegradable formula significantly reduces the risk of film left behind in a planting area causing harm to wildlife. 

Forest guard seedling wrap

Seedling wrap is used with Reforestation Nurseries to combine seedlings that are ready for planting into bundles, ready for the planting crews.

Secure Pak also carries an environmentally friendly (biodegradable) seedling wrap which is bulk packed to help reduce overall packaging waste and lower shipping costs.   


​forest guard ​SEEDLING WRAPS