Pallet Tite & PerformXL Film

R3 Pre-Stretched Film

Pallet Tite Film

This is a base hand film available in a wide range of dimensions and gauges.  ​

PerformXL Film (pallet wrap)

Multi layered hand film provides extra strength and cling on one side and slip on the other side. Key benefits include:

  • Able to use lower gauge which reduces cost and uses less plastic.
  • One side cling reduces damage in the supply chain.  

R3 Pre-Stretched Film

Your company will benefit from eco-conscious designs with lower cost per pallet.  R3 films are available in R3-I (LITE), R3-II (FORT) and R3-III (FORT PLUS), ensuring your company has the correct product for the intended application. This product has been pre-stretched to optimize pallet coverage with maximum stability.  The operator will benefit from the light weight design, never needing to physically over-exert themselves with dispensing.

Coreless:  Be an eco-conscious consumer with R3 Coreless.  Reduce by having no core or box. Re-use your dispenser over and over again.  R3 Coreless is 100% recyclable.  R3 Coreless will deliver your business with the lowest cost per pallet.

Extended Core:  R3 Extended is created with an extended paperboard core handgrip for superior handling.  R3 Extended is 100% recyclable.  Rolls are delivered in a bulk pallet which reduces cardboard use and cost.

Core & Bulk:  R3 Core is manufactured using a standard 3" core.  R3 film and paperboard is 100% recyclable.  A bulk only option that reduces packaging.  Rolls are delivered in a bulk pallet which reduces cardboard use. 

Core & Boxed:  The R3 Box is designed for small applications and case lot inventory applications. The box, core and film are all 100% recyclable.

HAND WRAPS / pallet wrap

conventional Film

We stock various sizes and gauges of cast and blown film.  ​

Coreless Film

Coreless stretch film is an innovation in environmental source reduction that is very well suited for an eco-conscious consumer and organizations with sustainability strategies.

This coreless film comes in both a light weight coreless hi-performance film that has been pre-stretched to optimize pallet coverage with maximum stability, or in a coreless hi-performance premium stretch banding film that is available in a range of sizes and colours.