System Features

  • Adjust amount of foam by simply pressing any one of ten preset touch keys.
  • Set a time delay of 3 or 6 seconds between bags.
  • Option to run continuous bags.
  • Compatible with all Instapak® foams.


  • Produces up to 16 bags per minute.  
  • System dimensions:  19" x 19" x 28"
  • Electrical power:  208-240 VAC, Single-Phase Dedicated Circuit
  • Receptacle Type:  NEMA L6-30R
  • UL and CE Approved


Instapacker® Tabletop

Enjoy all the proven benefits and cost savings of foam-in-bag packaging with an affordable, user-friendly Instapak® system.

With a minimal investment, the Instapacker® Tabletop foam-in-bag system will maximize your packaging productivity, reduce your material costs and increase customer satisfaction.

​With the simple touch of a button, operators can produce up to 16 foam-filled bags per minute, guided by easy-to-follow graphics on the touch-key control panel.  To simplify handling, the Instapacker® Tabletop system utilizes two sizes of perforated film rolls with a fixed bag size: IP16 (19" x 16") and IP24 (19" x 24").

Maximum Value:  This low-cost foam-in-bag system reduces material and labour costs.

Easy to Use:  A simplified touch-key control panel virtually eliminates the operator's learning curve.

Compact:  Small, innovative design saves valuable workspace.

Flexible:  The Instapacker® Tabletop system supports the packaging needs of shipping rooms, multiple pack station operations and even the production floor.

Protective:  Instapak® high-performance packaging foam is designed to protect your products during shipping, warehousing and general handling.