MACHINE WRAPS / pallet wraps

key benefits

  • High speed application where large volumes move through a single machine location.
  • ​Match the best film with your machine type to optimize performance and cost.

pre-stretched Machine Film

This film is pre-stretched in the factory using a similar process to pre-stretched hand film.  The result is lower cost and excellent load retention when using a more basic machine that does not have a pre-stretch carriage.

performxl Machine Film

This film is layered and has cling on one side to seal and no cling on the outside to minimize damage if the skids rub.  This film has a 300% pre-stretch capability, ideal for machines with a pre-stretch carriage.

Pallet Tite Machine Film

This is a standard quality film available in most widths and thicknesses and will work well on most pallet wrap machines.  The film has a 225% pre-stretch capability.

Pallet Machine Film

Pallet machine film is designed to run on various pallet wrap machines.  Wrapping with a machine is high speed and eliminates most of the human effort.  This type of application is often used where a large volume of skids can easily be moved to a common area, either on a manufacturing line or warehouse environment.