Packtiger® paper cushioning

fasfil® ez™ paper void fill system

Improve efficiency, performance and sustainability with Sealed Air's innovative new FasFil® EZ paper void fill system, delivering a solution for small-cell packing stations.  This system is perfect for customers who need a packing system that improves performance, productivity, shipping quality and offers responsible packaging.  

The FasFil® EZ system lets your operation run at its best.  Simple footswitch operation produces continuous output with the press of a pedal.  The ergonomically designed built-in cutting mechanism allows easy release of paper.

You will enjoy superior packaging output quality every day.  The FasFil® EZ's unique crimping mechanism helps you make more efficient use of packaging materials by yielding more cubic feet.

A variety of options help you improve efficiency by saving time, energy and material:

  • The output length control feature delivers customized paper lengths eliminating excess material with each press of the pedal.
  • System positioning is flexible.  Mount the FasFil® EZ on a floor stand or on a table and adjust the system to the height desired.
  • FasFil® EZ paper material offers you a choice of 100% recycled paper.

paper cushioning SYSTEMs


Create paper packaging at unmatched speeds. The PackTiger® paper packaging system from Sealed Air, the fastest paper packaging system in the industry, creates custom-length paperpads (up to 150 per minute) which can be used in a variety of packaging techniques, including cushioning and blocking & bracing.

The PackTiger® system features an easy-to-use control panel that stores up to 24 custom pad configurations.  In manual mode, creating pads is as simple as pushing a button or foot pedal. The PackTiger® system can also be run in automatic mode, using easy, one-touch access buttons for frequently used pad configurations. The bottom-loading design creates fast material changeovers, getting you up and running in no time.

The PackTiger® paper cushioning system provides environmental stewardship at every stage of the production process.  It starts with TigerPad® material, which contains 85% Post Industrial and 15% Post Consumer recovered fibers equaling 100% recycled fiber.  The end-user can easily reuse or recycle the TigerPad® material upon receipt of shipment, saving on natural resources. The patented, single-motor design reduces power consumption as compared to other paper systems resulting in greater energy conservation.  Since the paper is lofted, strong and durable, less material is required to provide more protective packaging performance for a wide variety of product applications.